SOL Membership 會員登記 (Top up $500, get extra $50)


於 SOL 增值$500,即多送$50 (會員限定)

1) 先按此登記成為會員
2) 親臨 SOL 收銀處增值,金額會即時儲入<會員帳號>內。

1) 先按此登記成為會員
2) 於此頁面購買支付 $500 (Payme 或FPS) ,金額最遲會於24小時內儲入<會員帳號>內*



Top up $500 at SOL cashier to get an extra $50 (SOL members only)
You may click here to register as a SOL member first and top up anytime at

1)SOL Cashier or
2)  SOL Website (Value will be added to your account within 24 hours with the registered mobile number)

-No expiry date
-Shall not be redeemed for cash
-Members only
-Can be spent in both Ma Wan and Cheung Sha Wan Shops