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SOLO Flight

Taught by: Sunny Lau, Current Airline Pilot (IG: SOLO___flight)
Languages: Cantonese/ English
Venue: SOL Committee , L2 Ma Wan Beach

香港 Flycation 60分鐘飛行體驗 HKD580
-> 學員將會駕駛模擬飛機環繞香港
-> 途經馬灣,九龍,香港島,維多利亞港,降落香港機場
-> 適合任何年齡

SOLO Flight 單飛課程 HKD500/堂 X 5堂
-> 包括飛行理論, 訓練學員專注及multitasking能力,手眼協調訓練, 飛行緊急應變
-> 完成課程後, 學員能夠獨立完成一個circuit從起飛爬升平飛到降落
-> 由現役民航機師授課

8-16歲學員:上午10:00 – 11:00

– 每堂課最多2位學員
– 課程已包括所需飛行裝備,無需自備

課程要點: (詳情可參見底下英文內容)

Hong Kong Flycation 60 mins trial flight HKD580
->Participant will fly the simulator around Hong Kong
->Scenic flight of Ma Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour
-> For all ages

SOLO Flight programme HKD 500/lesson X 5 lesson
-> Including aircraft theory, Multitasking skills, Hand-eye coordination and Emergency handling
->At the end of the programme, student will be flying a circuit from takeoff to landing on his own
->All the lessons are taught by current airline pilot

10AM-11AM (8yo – 16yo)
5PM-6PM (Adult)
*Please report 10 mins before class

Lessons format same as international flying school:
Maximum 2 students per class
All equipments are provided during class (Full set of flight control yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder)

*Students will conduct a complete circuit on his own without help from instructor
*Parents are welcome to sit in as passenger and enjoy the flight
*Upon completion of first solo exam, Certificate and report will be issued

Lesson 1
-Introduction of cockpit and instruments
-Effect of Control
-Mental maths

Lesson 2
-Taxi & Takeoff
-Climb & descend
-Basic radio call
-Mental maths

Lesson 3
-Radio call-Stall & Landing
-Mental maths

Lesson 4
-Introduction of Circuit
-Practice landing
-Mental maths

Lesson 5
-Circuit practice
-Mental maths
*First Solo Assessment

*Upon completion of the programme, students will be able to taxi, takeoff, climb & descend, land the aircraft on his own in the simulator.
*Student will receive certificate of first solo

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