A Call for Cheese and Wine Lovers!


SOL committee is holding a night of cheese and wine pairing. World-class sommelier, Reeze Choi, will guide you through five of the most classic French cheese and wine pairings, which feature a 48-month Comte, a special yellow wine, and a 1985 fortified wine. Come join us for a relaxing Saturday night!

12 Jun (Sat), 2021 5:30PM – 7:30PM (Full)
10 July (Sat) , 2021 5PM – 7PM (Full)
10 July (Sat) , 2021 8PM – 10PM
31 July (Sat), 2021 5PM – 7PM
31 July (Sat), 2021 8PM – 10PM


Venue: SOL Committee
Fee: $580/head
Quota: 10 Participants

Sommelier: Reeze Choi
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